GullyFood lets you search and discover the most popular street food joints in town. From tiny make-shift food carts to quaint hole-in-the-wall joints to some of the larger street food chains, we have got them all covered!

GullyFood is a simple and convenient app. It features:

- Easy-to-use search option to find the most popular street food joints in the city. You can search by dish (eg. Bhel Puri), name of the food joint (eg. Karnataka Bhel House) or location (eg Chamrajpet)

- Location detection feature to suggest the best street food joints near you

- Useful search filters to give you the best suited results

- A brief write-up about the food joint and their legacy to help you know them better. You can also view their menus, pictures and some quirky tips to help you choose where you want to eat

- Convenient food categorization as Hotspot (for spicy food), Coldspot (for juices and ice creams) and Sweetspot (for the sweet stalls), to help you search better

- Smart listing collections, so you can know what are the legacy joints in town, new eateries added and what is trending in town

- Favorites and Check-in's for the food joints that you love and frequent more

- Happiness Meter that lets you rate your favorite joints

At GullyFood, we team up with local foodies to bring you their most loved street food joints. Just so that you can love them too! Happy Eating!