Odd Even Rydes

Now find Odd/Even commuters around you, at your finger tip!!

Due to the new traffic rule (One day odd and next day Even), peoples are worried on how to travel to their office/workplace. So we decided to workout on this and provide some solution to the daily commuters and we got this app for you, which will provide you with the complete solution to find and contact with the commuters around you.

You can now very easily find ODD/EVEN commuters around you, send them Ryde Request and then upon acceptance, chat with them as well.

How to use?

1. Register yourself,

2. Verify your number (You number is always kept secured and never shared with anybody without your approval),

3. Register your vehicle,

4. Search commuters around you!!

Extra Features:

1. Either send a Ryde Request or can SAVE the searched commuters, for later as well.

2. Filter the searched results by Gender, Age and Radius

3. Chat with the commuters

Upcoming Features:

We have so many other amazing features noted down. Just needed your feedback and of course some time!!

Gentle Note: This app has been developed in a very TIGHT DEADLINE and the team did a very hard work. So please report us directly if you meet any BUGS instead of providing bad reviews. This will really help all of us a lot. Upon receiving the bug report, the team here will try to FIX it at most priority and will update the fixed version ASAP!!