About Us

Mobile apps are been used for IoT and is needless to mention its scope from providing information, communication, handling business from small Grocery Shop to Big Online Departmental Stores, Health Care, Ticket Booking, Taxi Booking, etc. Apart from these, Financial Institutions, Universities and Governments offices have also adopted mobile technologies to provide seamless experience to their audiences/customers. Its scope is beyond the expectation as today's generation has become dependent on their smart phones.

How to adopt to this technology?

It depends on what business you do. Once you share your thought with us or your business flow, we can guide you with the rest in order to automate your business and help you adapt this technology.This technology helps one reach global customers, thus leading to higher consumption and increased sales with very due efforts.

How to know if you are benefited after you had adopted this technology?

Well, most of the times you won’t ask this as the benefits are numerous and you will feel it actually yourself. Though there are ways to track your benefits by analyzing the insights and analytics data which really help you grow and improve your business day by day.

Our Team

Sachin Tibrewal

Co-Founder & Android Project Lead

Milan Agarawal

Co-Founder & iOS Project Lead

Varun Pandey

Web Project Lead