iRadio - Customizable is an Internet Radio or an audio service transmitted via the Internet, developed by WiselySoft. Users can now:

1. stream and listen to thousands of internet radio stations on their finger tip,

2. add channels (links) permanently into the list,

3. can also delete any added channels by long press in the list,

4. customize to different color themes,

5. set desired background image

App comes with several default free streaming radio channels.

It's free with ads and you one can also go for pro version which is ads free, worth only $0.99!


Open the app and tap on Play icon.
That's it!

Note: There are many stations/channels which does not plays 24/7 and also there are many formats which Android does not supports natively hence we are working hard to decode as much formats as possible. So, some links might not stream at this time. Stay tuned with future updates!