Our Services

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps development is our core service. We develop apps on Android and iOS platforms for different OS versions and screen sizes with maximum compatibility. The apps we develop is always tested internally with most of the major devices in our lab to ensure the high quality and to deliver bug free apps that would enhance user experience and ultimately leading to huge growth of your business.

Android and iOS has the maximum market capture and having apps on both the platforms will ensure your business reach to more than 90% smart phone users worldwide.

Our experience with third party APIs:

We have experience with several popular APIs though the list is increasing day by day. Below are some of the APIs that we have good hands on

  • Firebase

    Firebase is a real time database which organizes data in the form of JSON structure. It also provides cloud storage, various authentication methods, presence information, etc. We used Firebase in two of the apps called Connected and Odd Even Rides.

  • Parse

    It provides cloud storage, push notifications and analytics. We developed an app called Cell 411 which utilizes Parse as a Backend service to store user contextual data and delivery of push notices as well.

  • Flurry

    It provides both Analytics and Ads as well. Among them Flurry is popular for providing app analytics. Flurry is very common to us and most of the apps we have developed so far has already Flurry Analytics integrated in it.

  • Location APIs

    We have had good hands with location stuffs. Location provides a way to serve contents that is useful to and of user interest and which dramatically improves user experience and engagement with the app. We have had experience with GeoCoding, Navigation, and Adding POIs, Defining Regions and display alert when user enters or exits from that region. We have also worked with Direction's API, to draw route and display Turn by Turn Navigation. Places APIs are also been used in some apps to get Street Address while user makes a location search and to show them Near By Locations.

  • Ad Networks

    We have integrated various ad networks. These networks are: AdMob, iAd (iOS only), RevMob, ChartBoost, StartApp.

  • Social Network

    We have experience with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Login. We had also worked with Facebook Graph API and Streaming APIs in Twitter.

  • Wowza

    We have utilized Wowza service for integrating live audio/video streaming in various apps including Cell 411 and Genzo.

Apart from the third party APIs, we have experience with various other stuffs as follows:

  • Parsing RSS : We have written a very rich parser for RSS feeds. The parser is capable to read the image (if available), title, description and time from majority of feeds available.
  • Live Streaming of Audio
  • Live Streaming of Video
  • Playing mp3, mp4, etc including playlist files from local storage or cloud
  • Instant messaging (Text, Status, Presence)
  • Push Notification using GCM and APNS
  • Payment Gateway Integration with PayPal
  • YouTube API Integration
  • Vimeo API Integration
  • Flickr API Integration
  • Tumblr API Integration
  • Camera APIs
  • Localization: Let your app serve localized content to drive your user’s interest. We have had good hands on localization technique.

Gaming Experience: We have developed few 2D games using AndEngine in Android and Cocos2d in iOS.

Have a glimpse of our portfolio for some of the apps that we had recently developed.

Wearable’s Development

We have entered into wearable apps development that includes Android Wear, Apple Watch and Google Glass.

Wearable computing devices are driving user interest towards them by their huge capability, smaller size and easy carriage. The devices are meant to be worn by the peoples and provide them ease of access to their various needs. Examples include:

  • Receive phone calls without taking your cell phone out from the pocket, by just tapping receive button on your Smart Watch
  • Read messages and important alerts or notifications at your wrist
  • Taking pictures
  • Video Calls from your Google Glass
  • And IoT.

Backend Development

Serving fresh and dynamic contents is the prime requirement for majority of apps for your business solution and here comes the role of backend. Backend in nothing but a database and a set of server side script (called web service) that works as an interface between your mobile app and the database hosted on cloud. This way, your app can serve fresh contents by retrieving them directly from the cloud.

Majority of apps that we had developed so far are web based and serves dynamic contents retrieved from cloud database by means of web services.

We can also utilize third party backend providers like Firebase, Parse, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc. to make your apps dynamic by utilizing their SDKs/APIs.

When utilizing third party backend providers, there are several pros and cons associated. Like, we had to follow their rules and write the logic that should follow their pattern. For example, when using Firebase, we have to utilize the SDK/APIs written by them. As a result, your app would get somewhat restricted. The pros are, you can focus on the features of your app without worrying about the backend.

Having your own backend also have some pros and cons associated with it like, it’s your own responsibility to tackle with all from the hosting, design, development, maintenance through scalability. This definitely results into more expensive solution but the pros are your product is not dependent on any third party providers.

Deciding on which backend to use is the main concern of the businesses where they get confused. Having various constraints about price, time, maintenance, and scalability, etc. it becomes difficult to decide on whether to go with some third party providers or have one of our own. The best could be to analyze your requirements and have third party and own backend as well, when required. Review/analyze that what part/feature of your product would not take much when developing on your own server and would not affect your product when dependent on third party providers would help us make rational decision.

Prototype Creation

Creating prototypes is a good practice and leads to a safe way. Having prototype, you can get a feel of your idea and get feedbacks from other users as well. Upon sufficient positive feedbacks start investing in your idea!!

There are several tools available in the market which can be utilized to create prototypes. Some are free with limited features/time-period and some are paid. Flinto, Marvel, POP, Uxpin and Invision are some among them.

You can hire us as well for creating prototypes of your app idea. We can create your prototypes in native language which will give you the feel closer to having a real finished like app.